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Máy lọc nước WL220

Thứ bảy - 21/12/2019 10:04

Product Summary:
Economical, space saving benchtop water purifier which connects directly to tap water.
Features of Water Purifier (Ion-exchange) (WL220)
Collecting deionized water is as simple as connecting to a faucet.
Benchtop, space-saving design.
Digital display for easy operation.
Displays replacement of consumables
Standard equipped with membrane filter (WL200/220).
A solenoid valve at the water sampling port prevents water leakage from final membrane filter.
WL220T is equipped with constant temperature control and pure water tank. Constant. temperature and deionized water delivery to pure water tank controlled by electromagnetic valve.
Item Code 253628
Model WL220
Water purifying method Ion-exchange (Controlled by key)
Raw water supply One touch coupler water connection resin hose
Deionized water production Approx. 1L/min. (Continuously produced)
Ion-exchange resin cartridge 2L ion-exchange resin with activated carbon (CPC-P) x 1pc. 2L ion-exchange resin (CPC-E) x 1pc.
Final filtration 0.1μm (Membrane filter)
Pure water tank N/A
Water leakage detection Solenoid valve forced shutdown of water supply by detecting water leakage
Raw water pressure range 0.5 to 5x100kPa (0.5 to 5 kgf/cm2)
Sampling port 250mm above floor RC1/4 (Membrane filter connection)
Safety device Circuit breaker, Water leakage indicator, Pressure reducing valve, Water quality abnormal alarm
Water quality display 7 segments LED display (Conductivity / Resistivity)
Other display Display of consumables replacement (CPC-P and CPC-E: Should be replaced simultaneously to prevent degradation of water quality, Membrane filter), Alarm display (Water leakage alarm)
Accessories Raw water supply hose, Power cord (2m), Ion-exchange resin CPC-P (WL200 only), Ion-exchange resin CPC-P+CPC-E (WL220/WL220T), Membrane filter (WL200/220),
Accessories Y-shaped water supply hose with strainer 4m (WL220T), Constant temperature and humidity chamber hose ø9xø13 3m (WL220T), Hook (WL220T), Seal tape
External dimensionsW×D×H mm 350×350×450mm
Power Source AC100 to 240V 0.2A
Weight 16kg

Nguồn tin: www.yamato-scientific.com

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