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Forced Convection Oven
Programmable Forced Air Convection Ovens

Standard "Best Seller" ovens - Fully programmable

Standard forced air convection ovens are programmable and come with extended functions and safety features.

Operation and functions
DKN302/402/602/612 come with observation windows
Programmable PID controller for easy program settings 30-step, 3-pattern program controller with repeat functions
Fixed setting, programmed, Quick Auto stop, Auto stop, and Auto start operating modes with easy control capabilities
Over-heating prevention, Key lock function and calibration off-set are possible with auxiliary functions​​

Safety features             ​
Self diagnosis functions (Temperature sensor abnormal, Heater disconnection, SSR-short) Automatic overheating prevention, Electric leakage breaker with over current protection, Key lock            function

Nguồn tin: www.yamato-scientific.com

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